Postcards 2018

20,000 Democratic voters in Plymouth County are planning to stay home on election day.

With your help, we’re going to fix that.

It’s easy – we just need your help to personalize 20,000 postcards before October 1st!

  • Step One:      Attend a postcard party (listed below) or request postcards by clicking here.
  • Step Two:      Using a marker, address your postcard to the first voter on your list – if two voters are at the same address they will be separated by a dotted line,  – address the postcard to both voters individually (no Mr. & Mrs.) Check the names off the list as you go through them.
  • Step Three:    Write a brief, personal note about why you are voting this year – or why you feel the recipient should vote this year. **ONLY POSITIVE MESSAGES**
  • Step Four:      Sign your first name – or a nickname. Don’t include your last name unless you know the voter.
  • Step Five:      Return your cards and lists at the end of the party – or sign some out and take them home. We will follow up within two weeks to get them returned – or mail them to us at PCDL / PO BOX 169 / HULL MA 02045
  • Step Six:        Consider a donation to help us fund this $10,000 project!  Visit ActBlue to donate. 


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